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Newsletter 2 - CIEE Palma de Mallorca Spring 2017

With this second Newsletter, I would like to show you with images some of what we have been doing in the past month, including our three-day trip to Madrid, the two-day excursion to Sierra de Tramuntana, a field activity with the language class named Photo Marathon, a volunteer-day experience at a Spanish elementary school, and of course Easter religious parades.

In Madrid, we had a dynamic and participative guided tour of Madrid de los Austrias, the oldest neighborhood of the capital of Spain. We also wandered around the newest part of the city, and as you can see bellow we got the official CIEE Palma group picture of the 0 Kilometer, from where all roads of Spain are measured. Madrid is more than anything a city devoted to Art, so we spent some time visiting the two major museums, Museo del Prado and Museo de Arte Reina Sofía. We also saw at sundown the only Egyptian temple in Spain, Templo de Debod. We did a picnic at Parque del Retiro on a sunny beautiful day, and of course we ate tapas, and more tapas, and more tapas!


Km 0

Retiro 2


Palacio Real

Back in Mallorca, we also spent two days in Sierra de Tramuntana, World Heritage Site, which means we walked surrounded by impressive nature landscapes, but also saw historical landmarks, beautiful mountain and sea villages like Deià and Port de Sóller, and spend time together in a mountain refuge.

Group picture



Hiking Excursion Port de Soller

Already a classic activity in our program is the Language Photo Marathon, in which all students participated.



Once more time this spring we volunteered at Colegio San Vicente de Paul, during their English Day celebration, this year with the motive of TV shows. The children decorated the school for the day, each classroom representing a TV show, such as MasterChef, Want to be millionaire for one day, Pass the word, Sports, etc. Each CIEE student helped an English instructor in a different group, with many games and activities organized throughout the whole morning. Children were son enthusiastic that did not let us take a picture of the group because they wanted to be in… and next day we were on the newspaper!


IMG_2005 IMG_2042

IMG_2003  IMG_2119


Other than this, our students attend currently their classes and prepare for midterms and final exams, which are happening in these coming weeks. They also keep learning and working at Cadena Mar Grupo Batle offices, Hotel Caballero offices, Hotel Caballero kitchen, Hotel Java offices, The Hotel Factory offices, Hotel Can Alomar kitchen, FUEIB University Events office, and SuperYatch Events in Palma.

Main picture for Website Cathedral

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Nightlife in Palma de Mallorca, by Adilene Márquez (fall 2016 Liberal Arts)

by Adilene Márquez


La vida nocturna es un aspecto muy importante en la experiencia para  vivir  en otro lugar nuevo. Especialmente, para los jóvenes porque es una manera de conocer a personas y amigos/as. Por eso, he escrito una guía de las cosas que considero que se deben saber sobre la vida nocturna de Palma de Mallorca.


Cosas a tener en cuenta:

  • Se sale más tarde– El tiempo para salir es muy diferente al de los Estados Unidos. Aquí a las 10pm- 11pm no hay nadie. A esa hora apenas están cenando los españoles. Las personas empiezan a salir después de las 12:30am. Entonces salir de marcha a la 1am sería la hora ideal. Porque, al llegar antes de la 1:30am puede que tengan la entrada gratis o precios especiales en las bebidas.
  • Uno debe arreglarse para salir– Aqui se visten bien para todo y especialmente para salir de noche. No se necesitan los tacones necesariamente pero si unos zapatos formales, con un poco de tacón, no unos de deporte. Las chicas se arreglan muy bien su cabello  también el maquillaje y se visten bien. Al igual que los chicos que se visten con mucho estilo. En las discotecas más formales no te dejan entrar si uno no va vestido adecuadamente.
  • El tipo de Música– La música en los bares y discotecas depende (en el) del  día y el tipo de fiesta. La primera vez que salimos en Palma nos sorprendimos porque era solo música en inglés. Pero luego nos dimos cuenta que era porque esa noche era para estudiantes internacionales. A veces en la misma discoteca hay otras salas con otro tipo de música. Hay que averiguar qué música van a poner para ir a donde más os guste.

Las Areas

  • Paseo Marítimo- Esta área es la más común para salir de marcha porque aquí están la mayoría de las discotecas. Incluyendo las discotecas más formales: Tito’s, Boulevard, and Pacha. También aquí hay un bar llamado Zar que pone música en español y Latina.
  • Santa Catalina– Aquí se encuentran muchos restaurantes y bares. Hay un restaurante que se llama Guacamola y tiene los mejores Nachos. También está el bar llamado Brooklyn que tiene música Techno. Otro bar llamado Sabotaje pone un mix de música de todo. Un buen bar para ir el Jueves es Agua bar porque dan bebidas gratis a las chicas hasta las 10:30pm.
  • Calle Galera- En esta zona se lleva a cabo la Ruta Martiana cada Martes a partir de las 9pm. Donde, las personas salen de bar en bar comprando una bebida y reciben una tapa con ella. Esto es en la área histórica de Palma. Los lugares a los que se deben ir es Lemon Tree, Cero 58, y Molta Barra.



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Newsletter 1: Spring 2017 with CIEE Palma de Mallorca, Spain

One month in Palma de Mallorca goes by very quickly! Our students are by now settled in their Spanish home, have tried many of our most traditional Mallorcan dishes, and have learned to move around the intricate streets of Palma like a local. They have started working at their internship, and are going regularly to CIEE and UIB classes. They are an active group who has been organizing its own excursions around the island on the side of the CIEE excursions, so they are getting to know not only Palma but also places such as the impressive Drach Caves or the beautiful historical Port de Soller.


Group picture on campus, at the UIB building where the CIEE office is located

This spring semester, our students are enrolled in the following CIEE classes: Intermediate Spanish, Spanish for Business and Tourism, Advanced Spanish Writing and Stylistics, Mediterranean Cuisine in Spain: Cooking and Wine Tasting, Spanish Politics and Society, International Marketing, Contemporary Spanish Cinema and Literature, and the CIEE Internship Seminar.

And the following UIB direct enrollment courses: Design of Business Organizations, Strategic management, Corporate Investment and Financing Decisions, International Trade Law, International Protection of Human Rights, Psychology of Organizations, Microeconomic Analysis of Tourism, Introduction to Business, Environmental Economics in Tourism Spaces, Air Transport Economics, Management of Human Resources, and Psychology of Personality.

All the students who request them have started their internships at companies such as: Cadena Mar Grupo Batle offices, Hotel Caballero offices, Hotel Java offices, The Hotel Factory offices, Hotel Brondo Architect restaurant, Hotel Can Alomar kitchen, FUEIB University Events office, and SuperYatch Events in Palma.

These are some of our CIEE Palma excursions during this first month of the program:

Biking along the Bay: from Es Molinar to Portitxol, Can Pastilla and Arenal: We got to bike along the beaches of Palma de Mallorca, along boat-filled bays and rocky inlets. At the midway point we stopped for a break and enjoyed the sea breeze and the breathtaking view. In the end we got to Can Pastilla and although it was still winter, we enjoyed the beautiful weather and the landscape, while getting to know each other.


Tour of Medieval Castle: Castillo de Bellver & Arab Baths of Palma: CIEE Palma students visited Castillo Bellver with the Language classes. This castle is well known for its museum of history of Palma, for being the only Gothic round castle in Spain, wonderfully preserved, and for its incredible views of the Bay of Palma. On another day we visited the Arab Baths of Palma, as well as the cloister convent of Santa Clara, where we tried delicious pastries baked by the nuns.


Tapas Snapshot: Tapas have become a way of life in Spain. We introduced our students to this tradition by accompanying them with Spanish students of their age (Guardian Angels) to a Tapas event which happens every Tuesday in the streets of the old neighborhood of Palma: la Ruta Martiana.

Formentor, Pollensa, Alcudia: This past weekend we spent a day discovering the village of Pollensa, a traditional town in Mallorca. We climbed 365 stairs, each representing every day of the year and at the end of the staircase, you could see the entire town and the valley. Afterwards, we visited the mirador of Formentor with its impressive

views, and the natural beach of Formentor. Last but not least, Alcudia, surrounded by a city wall from the Renaissance period, and its Sunday lively flea market.


All CIEE Palma classes include field study visits to get hands on the culture of the city. On top of the long program excursions, we have as well visited the old village of Valldemossa to learn about its Muslim origins and the piracy in the old times; we have visited the main market of Palma with the Cuisine class to complete a research activity about local farmers from all the small towns in Mallorca; we watched the film “Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados” to discuss afterwards the educational system in Spain; we participated in the Carnival of Palma; and of course we joined the celebration of the Day of the Balearic with its Medieval Market which happens once a year on March 1, and where stands sell sausage and cheese from all around Spain, and local merchandises such as caramel almonds, jewelries, candies, candle holders, natural soaps.

In our next newsletter we will share with you more great stories and pictures. Have a great semester!

Palma de Mallorca 0

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Visit Bellver Castle in Palma de Mallorca!



My internship experience at Outlining Innovation, by Zijing Xia

I would say my internship is a very good, a remarkable beginning of everything. So definitely it is a very positive influence on me. I learned how exactly doing a business is like and some skills to do it well. I did not know that there are many innovative leading companies in the world. For them innovation is more than anything. Thank you CIEE and Silvia, my coordinator, for providing me this opportunity!



My internship at Brujula, with CIEE Palma de Mallorca, by Rui Zhu

It is really a fantastic internship, the best experience I could have ever had.

Although I felt very confused during the first month, everything went well after then, because I now know the rules more clearly and I can finish my tasks with a high efficiency... Here you have a picture of my last day at Brújula.

Rui at brujula

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My Internship at Tagomago Island, by Sara Prust

Interning at Tagomago island with CIEE Palma de Mallorca was incredible. If you want to be impressed, jsut check this website: 

I had the opportunity to learn about private luxury housekeeping, kitchen, and butler services. It was a totally hands on experience and completely new for me. My favorite part was the team serving at Tagomago, they were like family! Here I share some pictures of this incredible experience.









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Puerto de Alcudia & Formentor, by Sara Prust

This past weekend was a blast! My friends and I rented an Airbnb in Alcudia, a town in the north of Mallorca. We made meals together and hung out at the beach. It was such a great way to spend time with all these great people!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Sorry Mom, Im never coming home!

As I mentioned, our Airbnb was located on the shore of a little cove in Alcudía. We didn’t spend much time on this beach but did watch the sunset. Sharing a house together was loads of fun! We made dinners together and talked and enjoyed the company.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The little cove near our Airbnb
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Unreal Mountain Views //  Sierra Tramuntana
Family dinner // Pasta & Salad

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
My family!!!

Saturday we took a short cab ride to the port. The water here is crystal clear and spectacular! We laid around, swam, and took walks along the shore.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Puerto de Alcudía
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Stellar Views

My favorite part of the whole day was finding an estrella del mar (star fish)!!! I was swimming in the water and noticed something standing out against the sea bottom, clearly visible because of the transparent water. I reached down and picked it up in my hand. After some screeches of excitement, I brought it over to my friends in disbelief of what I was holding. SO SO SO cool!!! It was smooth on the top and felt a bit jelly-ish if you poked it. Underneath, It had little tendrils all along the outline of the star and these tickled my hand as I held it, continually dipping it back into the water so I wouldn’t hurt it.

IMG_1320 2
Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! So rad
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The Chicas

On Sunday, we took another cab to Playa de Formentor. Formentor is the northern most tip of the island of Mallorca. The beach here is thin but stretches along the length of the cove. Here too, the water is crystal and the cove is surrounded by beautiful mountains.  Boats dotted the sea and it was a gorgeous blue sky day.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The Beach // La Playa

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Of course more swimming was bound to happen because it’s the med and you all know I love the med… so lots of “oh my goodness this is gorgeous, I can’t believe this is real life, I am never leaving…” etc. Another relaxing day chatting and sunning with the best of the best in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

IMG_1333 2
“Jordan and his mermaids” -what Jordan’s Grandfather said when he saw this picture
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Beach Necessities

IMG_1334 2

A super fun weekend that unfortunately had to end and get back to school and internship but I am so thankful for all the good times!


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Besos. ~Señorita Sara

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CIEE visits Cabrera Island National Maritime Park, by Sara Prust

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Cabrera is an island off the southern coast of Mallorca that is also a National park. A couple of my friends and I took a boat to the island for the day. The boat ride was about 45 minutes but the views were awesome! The crew onboard the boat was so kind. We had expected it to be a bit warmer and sunnier of a day than it was and my friend had forgotten a jacket so the captain lent his to her. They were making sure we were comfortable and would let us get up to take pictures at the best moments. So sweet!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
On the boat to the island!

The island is uninhabited. The only structures are some workers quarters, a restaurant/bar, and a Castle. When we first arrived we hiked up the short path to the Castle. From here, the views were incredible!!!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
View from the castle
Cameron eating his new favorite fruit

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

After the castle, we walked to a cove and went for a swim. The water was absolutely freezing and the cloud cover didn’t help much but it was probably one of the best moments of my life. Swimming in a cove, with the most incredible water I have ever seen, surrounded by the rocks of a national park in the middle of the mediterranean sea. Incredible! You can even see the castle in the background.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Probably couldn’t have been any happier
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
That water!

IMG_1336 2

Cameron, Kat, and I were the only ones brave enough to swim in the cold water. As you can see below, I threw on that Patagonia as soon as I got out so I could warm up.  And I don’t remember you captured this moment but thanks to them because this pretty much sums of my idea of perfection… The med, my patagonia, chacos- all I need is a puppy, some cold brew, and a hammock and I would never ever leave that island!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Such a fun day trip! The nature here was super cool and I loved just relaxing with some of the greatest people in the world!

Besos y piñas!

~Señorita Sara

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Fall 2016 CIEE in Palma de Mallorca - Newsletter II

The fall semester is halfway through, so this week students are taking midterms for most of their classes. After exams, this coming weekend we are travelling to Alicante to visit its beautiful city and castle, to learn about its history, as well as to discover the surrounding villages and traditions.


Our first October outing was a two-day Hiking adventure from Deià to Soller, spending the night at Can Boi refuge, surrounded by beautiful stone houses and mountains. We spent Saturday in Deià, a village with Moorish origins in the North Coast of the Island, named Sierra de Tramuntana, and recently declared World Heritage Site. We had time to walk down to Deià’s Cove and swim, but also to go up the hill to visit the cemetery where the poet Robert Graves is buried. On Sunday, we walked for five hours to Port de Soller. Students commented that the landscape was absolutely gorgeous, despite the extenuating walk.



Our second excursion in October was taking a one-hour boat ride from Port de Soller (where we learned the history of this town of Modernist architecture and exclusive historical commercial relationship with France, to Sa Calobra, an impressive cove formed by the river mouth of Torrent de Pareis, with walls higher than 200 meters. It was a cold rainy day and from the boat ride we could see all the way outstanding views of Sierra de Tramuntana, the sea and the sky.



Sa calobra 4

With our Spanish classes, students have visited the Palace of Almudaina. This is a fortress built originally by the Romans (123BC), later rebuilt by the Muslims (10th century) and in the end rebuilt again by the Christian occupation, by James II, first king of Mallorca (14th century). This is probably the building in Palma which better tells the history of occupations and cultures living in Mallorca over the centuries.


CIEE Palma students enrolled in International Tourism: Trends of the 21st century enjoyed their 2nd field visit to 3 Meliá Hotels in Magaluf: Me Mallorca, Sol Katmandu, and Sol Wave House, three very diverse styles, themes and clients of the same hotel chain, located in one touristic resort. Afterwards, students shared in class their learning intakes from this experience.

Hotel Montse


Some university classes include as well field visits, such as the class International Marketing which visited the company Dingus with Doctor Professor Miguel Trías. Three of our students are enrolled in this class, Rui, Zijing and Matt.


Our students continue working at their internships at Hotel Caballero, Hotel Java, Outlining Innovation, Brújula, and Mar Hotels. And the semester continues, so we will share with you in a month what will come next: Alicante trip, Valldemossa, and more.


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