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I left on Thursday, June 3 from Portland. I arrived at PDX airport, feeling efficiently packed both physically and mentally. I had literally just finished typing my last essay for final exams at Portland State University (PSU), and moved out of my apartment just in time to board a plane for the CIEE summer program. I had resisted buying any touristy books about Spain, until my dad convinced me by picking up a Lonely Planet edition in the airport bookstore. I said goodbye to him and took off for my adventure...

Due to four flight delays, countless mechanical problems, and re-booking, I didn't get into the city of Palma until quite late Friday night. What a frustrating day! Normally I enjoy flying, and I take pride in being a flexible, calm traveler. But, as I mentioned, after an exhausting week of conclusion and preparation, the flight complications definitely tried my patience. I arrived at the hotel with a broken suitcase and sweaty feet. Exhausted and shocked that I was actually in Spain, I sunk under the covers.

The next day, Saturday, I properly introduced myself to the rest of the CIEE students here for Summer Session I. Including myself, there are six chicas and six chicos. All of us seem very different from one another, and yet we chose the same program and seem to be getting along great. On Saturday we toured some of Palma de Mallorca, and met the two "Guardian Angels." Guardian Angels are students at Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB). These individuals are available to talk to and help us with basic endeavors in Spain. They helped us get cell phones and make some purchases before we met our families. 

That afternoon we returned to the hotel to meet our host families. I am living with a host mother, younger sister, two dogs and one other student from Portland. The other student was here for Spring term with CIEE and is staying here through the end of June. We get along great and I love my family after only one week. 100_1864

I can't wait to tell more about school, family, food, and some the excursions we have gone on... but I wanted to check in. I'll write more soon about how fantastic Palma de Mallorca is when I get a minute. Right now it is time for a siesta!


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