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I have never been a religious soccer fan. Okay, I've never been a huge fan of any particular sport. I truly enjoy playing and watching soccer, but I rarely take the time to consciously watch a match. Being in Spain during the World Cup has re-kindled my interest. I have been watching games and feeling the excitement all around me. 

Last night Spain and Portugal played each other and I was so glad to watch the game with enthusiastic españoles! Hugging after each goal, singing and cheering every five minutes, leaning on each other while providing seemingly-professional commentary...Their energy makes futbol so much more exciting. I am rooting for Spain, but I am also crossing my fingers for Brazil. Regardless of the results, I am sure I will remember The World Cup 2010 with a great deal of fondness.  

The World Cup is just an example of the sense of community and liveliness that I feel in Spain. I don't know if it was luck to end up with such an incredible family who have interesting friends, or if I can speak for all of Mallorca. I feel so relaxed and excited at the same time, all the time. Something exciting happens every day. It is sunny every day. I am exhausted at the end of every day. "Every day" in Spain is something that I wish I could have every day for the rest of my life. . .


Classes for Session I finished last week and we started our second session this week. I am now studying Marine Biology, and given my current location, I am really enjoying the course. We have a lot of exciting excursions/day-trips planned in the upcoming weeks. Lots of beaches, a fish farm, and the aquarium. I love swimming in the Mediterranean, and it is interesting to be taking Marine Bio while having nearly-daily encounters with the sea. 

Next week I am going to Barcelona. I am going to meet a German friend, who I haven't seen for five years. We are going to stay for the weekend and I am really looking forward to getting a feel for the Spanish mainland. Sometimes I forget that I am in Spain, because Mallorca is its own island; and its own world. So Barcelona should be exciting with its urban, artistic, alternative vibes.  

¡la vida es buena!


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