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Monday, June 14th, 2010

The knocks came and my voice responded, but I don’t think my body got the message. Knock, knock, and knock again. I came to my senses finally and quickly lunged for my phone; 8:30! I stumbled around the room, opened the ventana to let the light and quickly dashed out of the house. Again a day without breakfast. My hastiness and willingness to sacrifice breakfast and a good tooth brushing allowed me to arrive to class on time, gracias al Dios. We went over the pluscuamperfecto, in English it is the pluperfect. Our way of saying it is much easier and I attempted to teach the teacher, but she wasn’t having it. Inez speaks absolutely no English. At times it’s great because I want to learn the language, but when I am struggling with a concept or word and a dictionary isn’t close by it is unfortunate. Después la clase, Chandler and I went to a pizzeria because he had a hankering for something he called “American food”. I didn’t say anything, but isn’t pizza, Italian? Oh well, we had a great bro-date regardless of the food.

After class, and of course my daily siesta, we all went to the movies. When I say ‘we all’, I mean the students, but also Esther, Antonia, Susan, Inez and her hija, Mara. We watched Que Mueran Los Feos. Antonia translated the title for me as: let the ugly people die. It was a very comical movie, or at least I inferred that because the CIEE staff was absolutely having a blast while the students and myself for most of the time sat there amused and smiled when we were cued by the loud laughter of Antonia. The gesticulations and emotions of the characters allowed us to understand but the rapid tongue of the native speakers is a bit overwhelming at times. The movie ended and I walked Laura home. On our way to her casita, we observed two police officers walking the park and putting, what I thought to be a radiation checker thingy on the dogs’ necks. We stood and waited for another dog to pass by and sure enough they did it again! We were very curious and debated whether or not to ask what it was. We only debated because we knew the response would be in Spanish and if it was worth the energy to translate. We’re in Spain, why not!? Turns out it was a device that detected whether or not a microchip (that is dictated by law to be in every owned dog in Palma) was in place or not and whether or not the dog was registered. Que interesante!

I took a run to finish the day. Same path as I described before, just a tad longer this time, quicker pace too, of course. I came home, ate my paella, and decided to call it a night. I texted Sue, telling her she missed a great run (which she did) but she didn’t respond. Obviously she was overwhelmed with jealousy that her fingers wouldn’t let her do it. I have decided I am going to buy a suit tomorrow, a nice one. There is a tienda de trajes right below my house in La Plaza. Wish me luck!


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I can not wait to see your suit! I am sure it is classy; you have excellant taste!

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