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Monday, June 7th, 2010

I can’t help but smile. Walking through the aged streets of Palma, I cannot help but do it. There is an empowering aura that takes hold of me, it won’t let go and I don’t want it to. It is easy to get lost in all the faces you see. There are many people that walk the streets during the day to shop, explore, and be social. This day was no different. Today we had an excursion to the playa. The water was absolutely beautiful. It was a mixture of a green and blue that formed a clear turquoise that reminded me of a stone my Father bought my Mother when I was very young. It sparkled like a diamond, yet gleamed with a smooth turquoise tint. This is the water that I never knew existed. After a half hour splashing in the water, my amigo Jack and I decided to swim out to an island we saw about 400 meters away from the shore. He is from Iowa. We reached about the halfway mark and questioned whether or not to proceed. I convinced myself we had to continue. We did and gracias al Dios. The island was incredible. The others decided to follow us in our endeavor; Laura and Jenny were behind us followed by Andrew and Jena. The rocks were jagged and certainly had the potential to cut the bottoms of our feet had we not been careful. You could hear the intense water slopping against the coast of the island, yet the noise was soothing. I could hear the children screaming from the beach as their bodies collided with the cool Mediterranean water. I tried to act like the water didn’t phase me, but inside I felt the same screams knocking at my lips.

We went to another beach and immediately two chicas caught my eye. I was talking with my Guardian Angel, Alberto, and he gave me one or two sentences to say to them. I went over and attempted the pickup lines but the words stuck like cotton in my mouth and I stumbled to pronounce them successfully. The girls were patient with me, however, and the conversation began to catch fire. They were very beautiful indeed. As I sat down I noticed one of them wasn’t wearing a top at all (a custom that is very popular for women at any beach in Palma). I, of course, played it cool and only stole a few natural glances. My day ended walking home from the bus stop, my camera and toalla in hand. I ran into my Tia, Lola, and we exchanged few words. She was going to the movies with a few friends, but she told me there was dinner at home and that she would be back around diez a la noche. Laura, Ann and I plan on getting ice cream tonight and after we may celebrate Andrew’s birthday. He is now turning 21. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Andrew!


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