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Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Yesterday I had overslept an excursion therefore forcing my plan of action to lounge around and talk with Tia. Not a bad way to spend a day in all honesty. Staying a day with your homestead, watching Spanish television and talking passes the time and you benefit immensely. Today, I went to the beach by myself. I texted a few people but everyone seemed to be busy, so solo I went. Besides, Antonia and Susan advised doing some things on your own. I haven’t yet, so I figured it was a sign. However, things never work out how you want sometime and sometimes it works out for the better. Turns out the beach I went to by myself, happened to be the beach that Chandler and Jena wanted to go to as well (I guess I didn’t call them to see if they wanted to hang). So, I went to Platja Illetes, and about two hours later Chandler and Jena randomly and coincidently arrived. We enjoyed the sol and had great talks about the universe and its myriad of mysteries, while being sandwiched in by two couples absolutely going at it.

Tonight we plan on going to Cultura Club, which I have a feeling will lead to Tito’s (a very popular club in Paseo Maritimo). Actually I know it will lead to Tito’s because I am writing Saturday’s blog today, which is Sunday. The clan split half and half. Jenni, Laura, Ann, Susan, and I decided to go home, considering it cost 18 Euro to get into Tito’s, while Jena, Chandler, Jack, Conrad, and Andrew decided to shell out the bucks, Euros, whatever. Aaron was busy camping with his homestead hermano and Rebecca had made other plans for the night.

I came home, had a late night bocadillo with pavo, mostaza, and queso. Delicious! My face met my pillow and magic happened. I fell asleep instantly, clothes still on and not because I was intoxicated (I had drank two beers the whole night), but because I was completely exhausted. There is so much fun to be had on Mallorca that eventually it will catch up to you. Even me, I pride myself in being a “night owl”, but this owl found its roost earlier than normal.


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