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Sunday, June 19th, 2010

Sunday started early! I had to be up at nine and at Plaza Espana by ten. We went to Valledomosa (forgive the spelling). Hacia mal tiempo! It rained today harder that it ever has since we’ve been here. We went to a museum, only to find it closed, and then decided as a group to tour the coast inside the protective walls and roof of the bus. Bad decision for poor Sue… she became really car sick as the bus made the curvy turns that the road had to offer. I think this affected Jenni too, but Sue definitely got the worst of it. Conrad helped her out with some natural medicine and Jack offered a juice box. We stick together. And this is so true. We are always together, and that’s one of the advantages of having a small group of students. As a matter of fact in my newly created Facebook, (never liked the idea about it, but knew that if I wanted to stay in touch with these guys I’d need it) my status is currently, “I absolutely love our group”. Let’s just say I got a lot “like it” comments.

We ended up at a beach, like always, but hey I am not complaining. The sun decided to show, greeting us warmly. Frisbee, paddleball, and volleyball ensued. I actually had an accident on the beach; my bañador ripped at the seams as I lunged for a wild throw by Chandler. That put me out of commission. I went straight to the servicio and changed.

Once we came home I went to the teraza to catch some more rays and read some more of my book “The Spanish Bow”, a book that I definitely advise to any and everyone. Andromeda Romano-Lax is the author. I wore the speedo I had bought earlier that week, since I felt comfortable wearing it around no one. The birds squawked when I laid down, but I though nothing of it… It wasn’t until they began getting closer to me that I knew I had done “pissed ‘em” off and immediately covered myself and returned to my casa.

Later on Tia suggested the movie “Match Point” to me. I watched it, definitely started off slow, but the ending surely made up for it. Now I am not a man that usually makes the sales’ pitches, but again, I advise this movie for sure, especially if you like V for Vendetta. Oh wow, look at the time 2:00 in the morning and I still have homework to be done. Adios all.


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