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Sunday, June 6th, 2010

I forgot how much fun a bike was. My days in Palma are limited, yet the way this island makes me feel tells me its impression is going to last forever. Inma, a guardian angel, lead us on our bike ride today. Que bien. We were able to see the beauty Palma’s beaches had to offer. It’s an exciting place that can be seen in the faces of its people. Biking on the coast, I saw many people exercising whether by means of running, biking, skating, or walking. We rode just a few kilometers to a beach. Plagued by the heat, we decided to all hop in. Jack dug his “Jack-holes”, Conrad exposed his nipple piercing, and Sue said to hell with it and submerged her bandaged thumb in the water so that she could better enjoy herself. I feel like I have known these people for years. Rebecca has a tattoo of Alice from Alice in Wonderland. It is a great piece of work with muchos detalles. Jena is much crazier than she looks, and I say that in a good way. Today I discovered she had a tattoo on her behind that her and her best friend both decided to get. Ann is a bit more introverted but is just as memorable. She makes me laugh with her stories with her homestead. Jenny is new to the language and it shows. Every time I glance at her when Spanish is in the air, I can read it on her face that she is trying her best to understand.

We returned the bikes and then returned home. I came home to find a new friend, a girl, well actually a woman, named Ali. She is from England and doesn’t know the first thing about Spanish. Que lastima, because she is living with a woman who only speaks Spanish. I could tell she was relieved when I entered the room and introduced myself in English. She could relieve all her English words that were begging to be understood by someone. Her and I went out tonight and had a cerveza on her. The last ones were to go, and not because we hit it off that well but because the taberna was closing and we wanted to go on the roof of the house and look at the beautiful sky Palma had to offer. And it surely did. With every breath, my love for this island grows. We finished our night-caps and decided it was time to say our goodbyes. She is light-skin woman with shoulder length artificially colored red hair. She showed me a picture of herself with long blonde hair. I think it suits her better.


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