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Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Not every day can be the perfect day. I was scheduled to have class at nine this morning, but I accidently (I say that honestly) slept in. I forgot to bring a despertador, and all I have is this cheap phone that obviously didn’t do its job at waking me up. Tia is going to wake me up from now on. After arriving to school late, embarrassed and out of breath, Channelor and I went to the mall to get him a memory stick for his camera. Upon returning home, I ate the breakfast that I had missed out on earlier due to the rush. It wasn’t much: a piece of tough bread and kiwi, followed by some water. I felt useless and a tad depressed that I had missed the second day of school so I curled up under my covers, and took a siesta. I woke up refreshed and quickly answered Aaron’s call. He wanted to go to the Catedral. Laura, Conrad, Rebecca, Aaron and I all thought it a great idea to get out and see Palma. The cathedral is absolutely stunning. You enter into a museum that has all its treasures of time on display, but then you walk into the actual cathedral that has tons of history and paintings by many a famous artist. I was so taken in by its magnificence that I cannot recall the names of any of the painters. Que lastima.

I returned home, showed the others my casa and then decided to go on a very delayed run. The cathedral was amazing but the run was surely the highlight of my day. I walked to the coast, which is about a fifteen-minute walk, and then crossed the street and met the sea. It is absolutely beautiful at sunset. The people are just coming out to run in the cool air and the sound of the sea is as memorable as the day you met your best friend. I ran at a steady pace, my wrestling coaches would be dismayed had I not. On one side I could hear the cars sweeping by on the highway. This hurried noise resonated in my left ear. The other side was different. I could hear the, cooing, ocean water brushing up against the rocks mixed with the sounds of panting runners trying to catch their breath. The two sounds fused into a mixture that reminded me of the first time I put a seashell to my ear, my grandmother assuring me it was the sound of the ocean. I was at ease. The sidewalk ended and the beach sand began to pepper the sidewalk I had been running. I knew it was time to return.

This evening, Chanellor, Aaron, Sue, Rebecca, Jena, and I decided to grab a beer or two, two glasses of wine in Jena’s case. We went to the punto de encuentro, which has become our non-official place of hangout for a chilled beer and good conversation. I left early only to return home, finish some homework, write this blog, and make sure I go to bed early enough to wake up for tomorrow’s adventure. The hours of the night blend together so well that I lose track of time and at this exact moment it is about one in the morning. I can already hear the banging on the door from Tia. Goodnight.


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