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Two weeks in!

Two weeks in! 

I am taking two classes while I am in Spain: one during Session I, and the other during Session II. We have one week left of the first term, which means one week left in my Globalization, Human Migration, and Tourism course. There are only five of us girls in the class (all from the U.S., studying with CIEE). Our professor is very intelligent and personable. Our topic is interesting when considering our current setting: The Balearic Islands. The island of Mallorca has become a tourist hot-spot, particularly for the English and Germans during their summer holidays. We took a "field trip" to Magaluf: a city that becomes Little Britain during the summer months. It's interesting to be here as an alien, but not identify with tourist culture whatsoever. 

I'm going to school every day in the morning (9am-12:30pm), but the afternoon is always something different. If I make plans to go somewhere, it is too easy to get sidetracked and start wandering down an enchanting alley to find coffee shops, gelato and ridiculously low-price, discounted clothing. (So far, my Spanish vice is cafe con leche). If I don't get distracted, I make it to the beach, or the Cathedral, or a park. Mallorca is so high-energy and yet so laid back. There is so much to do, but it is just waiting there for you-- no pressure or obligations.  100_1940

The food! I hear mixed reactions from others traveling to Spain, but I can honestly say that this food is so different and so good. Spanish tortilla is my favorite. It is basically an omelet, but with potatoes and onions. And olive oil. Lots, and lots of olive oil. I swear we eat olive oil on everything. That is one habit I don't think I can bring back to home with me. 

The highlight of my time here thus far was a spontaneous camping trip with some of the friends I have made here in Palma. We spent the night in tents and watched an amazing sunrise. In the morning we climbed a little bit down the rocks near our campsite and I saw the most beautiful water and scenery I have ever seen. I am consistently overwhelmed by the beauty of the Mallorcan people and outdoors. I can't think of a better way to kick-off my two months here.


It has now been two weeks that I have been in Palma, and it feels like two months. I am fascinated by how relaxed I feel on this island. It is as if I found what I have been looking for.


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