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Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Breakfast was light again for me, not because Tia is being skimpy, but because I usually skip breakfast in the States. Same old, same old at school. We have a test tomorrow. Chandler and I have to study parts of the cuerpo, imperative commands, vocabulary, past-tense verbs, and be prepared to write a composition to finish it all off. After class, Jenny invited us all to her family’s hotel resort to “beach it”. Her mother, whose name slips my mind, 14-year old brother, Dylan, and I believe 24-year old sister, Brenda (pardon the spellings) are all staying in Palma for a week. Ann, Laura, and I decided we’d make the trek to Cala Major, which is Catalan, not Spanish. After a few piña colodas, a dip in the Mediterranean, and a terrible downpour of rain we said our goodbyes and returned to Plaza Espana.

Everyday on my way home from the plaza I pass a Corte Ingles, which is essentially a huge mall. This time I went inside because I have wanted to pick up a few bottles of Eristoff’s Black Vodka (my drink of choice on the island) to take back home with me. I bought the bottles, I must say it’s weird not being carded, especially for liquor, and as I was about to leave a little florist shop caught my eye. I was unaware that is was customary to bring a gift from the States to give to your homestead. Instead, I came to Tia’s house empty-handed. I figured I might as well do something sweet for the woman who makes my bed, washes my clothes, and feeds me. I bought her pink and yellow lilies. I must admit, when put together it is one of my favorite color combinations. The bouquet was gorgeous and the florist did a nice job putting the extra greens in with it. I came home, opened the door, and she immediately lit up. Note to all the men out there: Flowers are an international language and every woman in the world is fluent.

I had bistec for dinner with some greens on the side, buttered bread, rice, and a few glasses of water. Tia promises me that my new pants I bought here will be hemmed by tomorrow. I told her no te preocupes, because I had no need to wear the suit pants until this weekend anyways. She’s really a sweet woman. The time passes and the days draw closer to that date on my flight-ticket. The more fun I have the faster the time goes. It’s a bitter-sweet situation. Por un lado, you have all this crazy, caught up in the moment fun, por otro the clock goes tic-tic-tic exponentially for every breath you take. I guess I might as well enjoy the fun while I can because I don’t know about you, but I cant hold my breath for but a minute.


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Flowers are an international language that all of us girls are fluent in. We have raised you well.
I am glad our money is being spent wisely on Vodka.
I love you Nicholas and I will be expecting pink and yellow lilies on the 28th when you get back to Texas!

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