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Viva España! Spain won the world cup, and as I’m sure you heard the whole country went crazy. I was working in the bar at the time, but it was still awesome. I think I could have changed my schedule that day if I asked, but I knew it would be really busy and they needed all the help they could get so I took one for the team.  I was able to see just about the whole game, including Iniesta’s goal at the end. The bar went crazy! One of my coworkers showed me his goosebumps after the goal was scored haha. Then, once the game ended a couple people ordered bottles of Champaign which they sprayed all over the place. Conrad got all of his hours in earlier in the day, so he joined our other friends in a bar to watch the game, which apparently got pretty crazy at the end. Afterwards, everyone went out to celebrate, which is something I have learned the Spanish are pretty good at. 

Other than the world cup, it has been life as usual here; good experiences, good people, good views, and lots of sun and sand. 

As promised in my previous post, I have included some pictures of Hotel Brasilia with this post, along with a picture of Conrad and one of our coworkers Abdul. Enjoy!

Picture 004
The front entrance

Picture 008
The interior of the restaurant

Picture 009
View of the beach/sea from the outside seating area  

Picture 007
Conrad and Abdul


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