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5 posts from July 2011


Another weekend with CIEE in Palma de Mallorca, Feb 14, by Andrea Morgan (Spring 2011)

Andrea 3

Name: Andea Morgan

Semester: Spring 2011

Program: Liberal Arts

School: Gustavus Adolfus College


This weekend was so much fun! Friday, as I already mentioned, was Bellver Castle. After that, there was a dinner for all of the ERASMUS students at a fabulous restaurant. Everything I've had to eat here has been amazing. You all may not recognize me when I return because I'm pretty sure I'll have gained about 50 pounds. The dinner was so much fun, because the people we ate with were from all over the world. I met a couple of girls from Bulgaria, a guy from Sweden, a few from France, Colombia, and Finland! After dinner, there was a party for all the international students, so I went to that with a few people from my program. It was a lot of fun as well, and I loved meeting so many people!

Saturday, I spent a couple hours at the beach (!) and then went shopping. A group of us (Americans, Swedes, and Bulgarians) went out to el paseo. So. Much. Fun.

Then on Sunday we went to Valldemossa, which is probably the most beautiful town I've ever seen. It's up in the mountains and surrounded by trees. There are cute little shops everywhere where you can buy authentic Mallorcan leather and blown glass. Also, when we first got there, the Sunday mercado was going on, so there was even more fabulous purses, scarves, sunglasses, and a bunch of other adorable things to buy. I'm definitely going back! (people, expect your gifts to come from here :D)

And now I have some pictures of Beautiful Valldemossa:
Valldemossa 1 Valldemossa 2 Valldemossa 3

Why aren't our streets this pretty?

Valldemossa 4
These following pictures are more from Bellver, Catedral, and some other random ones that I thought I'd share, because I just got them; PS Look at that view!

Castillo de Bellver (11)

I'm rather impressed with this picture, because you can totally see how the Catedral is reflected in the water! (I def need a picture at night, because it's lit up with green light!)

Catedral (5)

As we were shopping, Brittany and I saw a Zombie standing in the street, so we decided to get a picture with him.

Zombie at Catedral




Palma week 2, by Andrea Morgan, feb 11 (Spring 2011)

Andrea 3

Name: Andea Morgan

Semester: Spring 2011

Program: Liberal Arts

School: Gustavus Adolfus College

It's so crazy to think that I've been here almost two full weeks! I've done so much, but there's still so much to do! I'm pretty happy at the moment.

We went to Bellver Castle today. It's a Gothic style castle from the 13th century. There's some cool history stuff about it (like it was really a prison, and no one ever really lived there) but the really amazing this about it is that it's on a hill, a little ways outside the city, and has an AMAZING view of the entire city, port, Cathedral, and the mountains to the North. Pictures to follow (that do not accurately depict how awesome it was, but alas).

Week 2 - 1 Week 2 - 2 Week 2 - 3 Week 2 -4

Tonight is dinner with the ERASMUS students (all the exchange students at the weeb), which I'm excited for! I've already met a few of the others when we went on the Tapas Ruta on Tuesday, and I'm excited to meet more people from all over the world!

On Sunday, we're going to Valldemossa, which is a beautiful little town north of here, where Chopin wrote a bunch of his symphonies in the convent. I'm so excited!! (especially since I had to miss Soller because of class :-(

Monday I'll have ALL of my classes. I guess "real" life is starting now.


Summer 2011: Outings with the classes (June 30)




Name: Antonia Ferriol

Resident Director

CIEE Palma de Mallorca, Spain


By June 30, we are half-way through the CIEE summer program in Palma de Mallorca. Here is what we have been doing so far; this is a busy time as you will see. We have 17 students (session I) and 13 students (session II) from 11 different universities. All our students live with homestays. Bellow, Susan, Resident Coordinator, explains to each student with whom and where he / she will live in the city of Palma.

Thinking about homestays

All classes use Palma as a laboratory. The course Introduction to Tourism taught by Professor Deyà visited Palma Beach and the office of the Consortium appointed by the Government and in charge of improvement and landscaping of Palma Beach, as well as of refurbishment of hotels and complementary tourism services in the area.

Playa de palma 3

Playa de palma 4
This same class visited a 5* hotel in Cala Major and discussed with Professor Munar health & spa tourism in front of the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean.

Visit to maricel
The course Mediterranean Marine Environment went by boat to Cabrera’s national park in order to explore the sea and its species in a protected area. 

Cabrera's view

All Spanish language classes visited the Gothic Castle of Bellver and had to do an activity to discover the history of the castle and Palma. Students commented that the activities prepared by the language instructors made the visits very enriching.

Bellver group2
Students participated as well in a Photo Marathon, and the winners were the greatly motivated group of Beginning Spanish.

Foto maraton

This summer our new INTERNSHIP PROGRAM received three students. Brandy and Max have moved to Hotel Caballero where they will intern for a month, and Todd is working at Cubic Consultores. These students will complete a research project related to their experience. Pepi Villoslada is the Coordinator of the Internship Seminar on Intercultural Business.

Sa riera first day
On top of academic field outings, we also spent a day in a natural beach kayaking. Of course, we proved to be a very sporty group!

Cayaking 1
Cayaking 2

On the night of June 23 we celebrate Saint John with bonfires, fireworks, demons and giants. Some of students described this night as the most amusing and spectacular celebration they have ever seen.

Last Friday, we said goodbye to the 7 students leaving after session I. We eat ice-cream and pastries in a famous 17th century ice-cream parlor named Can Joan de S’Aigo. Here you can see a picture of the staff, language professors and Guardian Angels in front of the building. 

Staff ciee


Cumpleaños en España, by Andrea Morgan, feb 8 (Spring 2011)

Andrea 3


Name: Andea Morgan

Semester: Spring 2011

Program: Liberal Arts

School: Gustavus Adolfus College



So today was my first day of classes at UIB (and also my birthday :D) My first class was a Spanish Lit course, and I am very intimidated, because I understood very little of the first day :/. I went to talk to the professor, and I guess that's just how it goes. Buuut funny story: my last class of the day was a Psych class. I went with one of the other girls who has that class with me. First, the professor was late, so we didn't know if we were in the right place. When the professor finally showed up and started class, she was speaking Catalan! Half of the University courses are in Catalan, but we were DEFINITELY not supposed to be in one of them. We sat through the entire class, not having any idea what was happening and not understanding anything the professor was saying. Apparently something changed with our registration, and we had no clue haha. It was confusing, and I was freaked, but I'm so glad I knew someone in the class.

We're going out tonight for my birthday :). Every Tuesday, bars in the city have a "tapas ruta" which is where you can get a tapa and a drink for only 2 euro. Nice and inexpensive, but very fun. (Tapas are absolutely fabulous!). I don't have class until 2 tomorrow so I'm glad I can celebrate in Spain! The day hasn't been especially great yet (6 hours of class! aahh!) but I'm so happy to be spending my 20th in such an amazing city!

I love and miss you all, and even though I love it here, I wish I could see you all on my birfday!


Palma Bay, by Andrea Morgan, feb 6 (Spring 2011)

Andrea 3
Name: Andea Morgan

Semester: Spring 2011

Program: Liberal Arts

School: Gustavus Adolfus College



Today was absolutely amazing. We met this morning to go bike riding in Palma Bay. We biked along the coast, which was more beautiful than I could have imagined (and my pictures reeaally don't do it justice) and then had lunch looking out at the Mediterranean. The whole area of Palma Bay is fabulous, because there is so much to see. We had a great view of la Catedral, the cities in the mountains, and hundreds of sailboats.

View of the Catedral from the Bay

Tonight is the Superbowl, and I believe I am going to go watch it! (There is an American-owned bar in the city that is showing it). This may be a bad idea as the game doesn't start until midnight, but alas.

El Grupo (2)




The group in front of the Mediterranean





El Paseo
El Paseo

Palma Bay (19)
Look how clear the water is!

Palma Bay (10)
This picture doesn't show it well, but there are hundreds and hundreds of sailboats at this bay; the effect is so beautiful

Palma Bay (20)

Plaza Cuadrado

I guess I decided to put in a picture of one of the views from my apartment :) Que bonito

We have our welcome banquet at the weeb tomorrow, and that's when we get to meet the other exchange students from Europe and such. More orientation as well, and then I start classes on Tuesday! (My birthday :D) I"m so excited to get started here for "real." Going to school and having responsibilities makes it feel more like real life and less like a fabulous vacation.