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¿Dónde está el bus? by Andrea Morgan, Feb 19 (Spring 2011)

Andrea 3 Name: Andea Morgan

Semester: Spring 2011 Liberal Arts

School: Gustavus Adolfus College


This week has been pretty fabulous (like everything in Spain). Classes at the weeb are really difficult for me to understand right now, but I´m working on it. My CIEE classes are pretty fun too; they´re a lot more work, but I definitely know what´s going on in them, so that´s a definite plus.
Thursday night, I went out to dinner with some Vanderbilt and Holy Cross kids (Vanderbilt paid! woot!). I had a traditional Mallorquin food called tumbet, which is basically vegetables in a tomato sauce. Simple but delicious. (I have a picture, but since I have no computer to put them on, they´ll have to wait). Ok story time: We ate dinner and then stayed and chatted until about 11. This is when the professor had to leave, so he took a few people in his car, and the rest of us went out to the bus stop to wait. It was cold and rainy, and the time schedule for the next bus said 45 minutes. We weren´t too happy about it, but what could we do? We played ¨Never have I ever´´ and waited patiently. When there were about 20 minutes left on the timer, suddenly the time decreased to 2 minutes, then one minute, then the arrows started blinking, indicating that the bus would be there momentarily. Yay! no more waiting! All of us (about six) stood up and were collecting our bus cards/ money when we saw the bus coming. The driver looked right at us and kept on driving! Didn´t slow down or anything! We had been standing in the cold rain for twenty minutes and the guy just kept going. Luckily, the restaurant was still open and we were able to have them call us some cabs, so it all worked out, but still. How rude.

Yesterday we didn´t have classes (yay for only 4 days a week!) and had a salsa dancing class! Anyone who´s ever seen me dance knows it´s not a pretty sight, but it was still very fun :)
The only not amazing thing right now is that I have to buy a new computer :( Mine has been not working very well for a while, and then yesterday it got viruses and was destroyed. I´m not to pleased; this was not how I I wanted to spend money while in Spain, but I definitely need a computer. Thankfully, my madre is letting me use hers for now until my new one comes.

All in all, I´ve been having such a great time! Weekends are so much fun here and there is just so much to do all the time and I´ve met some really fun people too.


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