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Weekend in Palma de Mallorca, by Andrea Morgan, Feb 22 (Spring 2011)


Semester: Spring 2011 Liberal Arts

School: Gustavus Adolfus College

This weekend wasn´t too eventful. This, however doesn´t mean much because I´m still in Spain and it was more eventful and fabulous than most weekends back home :)  Friday I had no class, so I got to sleep in, and then went with a friend to get Chocolate y churros. Unspeakably delicious! Basically, the hot chocolate here is like a gourmet chocolate bar heated up to be made liquid. Then, as if that weren´t great enough, you get churros or ensaimadas to dip in it. Seriously, Spaniards know how to live.

Choco churros

Friday night, a group of us met up to go out to Paseo and also to see for ourselves if what they call here ¨haciendo bolleton´ (basically, the very classy practice of drinking in the street...hundreds of young people go on this one sidewalk right next to the ocean where tons of gorgeous boats are kept and take bottles of alcohol to drink before going to dance in the clubs, because drinks are so expensive inside the discos) is a real thing. It is. We were celebrating one girl's 21st birthday that night, so after we were sufficiently shocked, we went intoto a club and danced to some Spanish music. That was pretty fun..I'm a fan of the music they play here, even though I generally don't know the words to the songs when everyone else in the club is shouting them. We left early (around 3:30am) though I was totally game to stay, other people were tired!

Saturday I slept a lot. Then, a friend from the UIB (from Sweden) had some friends visiting, so we went to his apartment to hang out and meet some Swedes :) There were couple of girls I´d met before who go to the weeb, as well as some people just visiting from Sweden. Everyone was really nice, and we were having a lot of fun, just listening to music and hanging out.We were having a lot of fun over there, some of which included a person who wishes to remain anonymous locking herself in the bathroom and trying to figure out what an "E" means on a Swedish playing card [it means Ace]. until the cops came to the door. Yes, cops on motorcycles came to the door and said there had been a noise complaint and that we all had to leave the apartment, and they waited for everyone to leave. Stupid neighbors. We all filed out into the street with the cops awkwardly while they rode through the middle of our group on their motorcycles and left. It was really hilarious, and I love this story, because even though it was really quite anti-climactic (we were seriously playing cards and listening to music...nothing crazy at all). I can tell the story like this "I was at a party in Spain with some Swedes, but we had to leave because the cops broke it up". Pretty sweet, although it was annoying at the time, because it was only like midnight, and therefore way too early to go out (unless you´re lame, foreign, or clueless).

So, we just took our time walking to Paseo. At one point, we were stopped in the street talking and we saw this guy on a bike. I didn´t see exactly what happened, but I just saw him crash into a wall and then take a nasty fall. People were looking around, because it looked like he had hurt himself. He got up, so clearly he was ok, but then suddenly he got up, started walking in circles around his bike, and yelling that he was going to kill someone. I was kinda freaked out, but being that I was in a large group which included a lot of guys  it was fine. We left and he did not follow us in a murderous rage. We went to a couple clubs, but one of the Swedes wasn´t feeling too well, so that pretty much broke up the group. It was another early night (again, like 330) with a somewhat humorous ending: I was walking back to my apartment, when I ran into one of our Swedish friends, sitting on the street. Apparently, he had foolishly given his apartment key to one of his friends who then proceeded to go into the apartment and fall asleep. He was locked out. Luckily, it wasn´t cold out and he was with another one of his friends, and a couple of our group stayed with them for awhile, but it is my understanding that they stayed outside until the people in the apartment woke up on Sunday morning!

Sunday was probably the laziest day I've had since I've been here. I slept in, and hung around the house most of the day. I can really get used to this laid back lifestyle :)
aaand some more pictures

Food 1  
This is tumbet, a very traditional Mallorquin dinner. Doesn't look very delicious, but it definitely is! (I'm weird, but I continue to take pictures of my food)




Arco iris  


I am not sure how well this picture shows it, but on Thursday last week, it was really rainy, and there was this beautiful rainbow over the mountains at the weeb. I took a couple photos, but the colors are definitely not as vibrant as in real life. Sad face for my camera's shortcomings. 




Me and a couple of friends at the Swedes' apartment before the cops came :)



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