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Palma de Mallorca: Day 5 - Hotel Maricel y Valldemossa, by Max Spadafore (Summer 11)

Max spadaforeName: Max Spadafore

 Semester: Summer Internship 2011

School: Arizona State University


After taking an extensive tour of a 5 star hotel in central Palma with the CIEE Palma de Mallorca class Spanish for Business and Tourism, I didn't think the day could get much better.  This hotel was absolutely incredible.  In Spain, they rely on a hotels rating much more than its name (like in the states).  Instead of saying, "I stayed at a Ritz, or Grand Hyatt" they say, "I stayed at a 5 star hotel!". This is because there are far fewer chain hotels and they need some kind of system to know what kind of hotel their getting themselves into.  The hotel Maricel has about 50 rooms total and looks more like a mansion than a hotel.  Its also located right on the water and even has a swim-step so you can swim in the sea right out front.


Here is just a quick look at the outside and the view it has.  Sorry the video is cut short, the group was moving pretty quick and I didn't wanna get left behind.

After viewing the hotel, we interviewed some business' and tourists in the area for a school assignment.  Then we got on a bus and went to Valldemossa with the CIEE Palma de Mallorca language classes.  Eric Clapton lives in Valldemossa and it was a home to classical music artist "Chopin".  The video of this place says everything about it.


Try not to mind the meaningless conversation in the background... Phillip isn't really racist.  I think?


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