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6 posts from September 2011


Thursdays in Palma, by Andrea Morgan, Feb 24 (Spring 2011)

Andrea 1

Name: Andea Morgan

Semester: Spring 2011

Program: Liberal Arts

School: Gustavus Adolfus College


are fun. It´s kind of like Friday, because there´re no classes tomorrow, but different in that there is no need to stay out until 6 am. Tonight was so much fun! I went with a few friends to a bar to listen to some live music -a guy in my program who has been here since August invited us, because his roommate was singing with a couple of his other friends. Now, the music was amazing, but first I need to tell the foolish story about what happened before any of the music. We planned to meet up and walk together to the bar, which we were told was in Plaza Mayor, one of our main meeting places. Our friend told us that the bar was called CuCu. We got to the Plaza and didn´t see it, and started asking some people where CuCu is. No one had ever heard of it. So, we asked a couple of people where bars were that play live music on Thursdays. We ended up walking around aimlessly for about twenty minutes, before I suggested returning to the Plaza and looking again. We got back and found the bar- a teeny tiny little place in the back corner of the Plaza (just saying, we would have found it way quicker if people had listened to me initially, because I had heard that it was IN the Plaza, but I digress). We hung out for awhile before any music started.

The bar was absolutely packed. The first picture I have posted below shows pretty much the entire space, but there were so many people in here! They had to move tables and chairs outside so people could fit.

Cucu 1
They sang for about an hour, American, Spanish, and some Portuguese songs as well.

Ok. Mind. Blown. This guy was absolutely incredible. He sang amazingly in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I can´t get over how good he was, although I have to say that I had high expectations, because Ray, his roommate, told us the other day that he was on Portugal´s version of "American Idol" a couple years ago, and he came in like fifth place. So a random Thursday night turned into an amazing experience-listening to great music sung by a Portuguese celebrity in a cramped, tiny bar. Life is good.

Cucu 2


CIEE Palma de Mallorca: Day 10 - Formentor, by Max Spadafore (summer 2011)

Max spadaforeName: Max Spadafore

 Semester: Summer Internship 2011

School: Arizona State University

I'm still waiting on more pictures to truly do this day justice, but far and away this excursion tops the rest.  I had no idea where we were going or what we were doing there besides spending a few hours on different beaches.  Well the beaches were neat and all, (just another beautiful beach at this point) but after tearing Patrick and I away from our intense paddle ball game, our bus took the group to the Cap de Formentor.  After driving up some mountains for 30 minutes or so, the bus dropped us off in what seemed like the top of hill in a huge valley.   After climbing the hill, we discovered that these "hills" were actually cliffs and they backed up right next to the Mediterranean.  Here are a few pictures of this INCREDIBLE place.  In 21 years I have a hard time thinking of anything that comes close to comparison.

Formentor 1 

Formentor 2
 Formentor 3 
Formentor 4 

Formentor 5 

Formentor 6 





CIEE Palma de Mallorca: Day 9 - Noche de San Juan, by Max Spadafore (summer 2011)

Max spadaforeName: Max Spadafore

 Semester: Summer Internship 2011

School: Arizona State University

So Juan from Ibiza had been telling us that the coming Thursday was going to be crazy because it was his birthday and it was "Noche de San Juan".  I thought he was legally insane but soon found out that Noche de San Juan was actually a nationally celebrated holiday.  It's celebrating St. John the Baptist.  We learned all week about the traditions and customs carried out through the night.  My madre told me that it is a night of cleansing and that you need to make two pieces of paper for the night.  One has the bad things written on it from last year, regrets etc; the other with your wishes and dreams for the coming year.  She told me that at midnight you burn the bad things and walk into the ocean with the good things to cleanse.  Then you bring the wet paper back to the beach and bury it in the sand.  We dug a hole for everyone's' bad things and buried the good with the ashes of the bad.  It was pretty damn cool, I have to say.  My madre also mentioned something about playing with devils and fire, but it didn't sound very interesting.  Turns out, I was in for a HUGE surprise.

San juan 1

We went to the cathedral with the CIEE Palma de Mallorca Guardian Angels, and heard a bunch of drums coming from a huge mob of people.  Among the throngs of people were very large Spaniards dressed in FULL ON fire proof demon costumes.  They walked around harassing girls and chasing people with fire.  It seems funny and kind of like a joke but it was INTENSE.  Some of the girls got groped and licked by the demons.  They also had staffs with fireworks attached to the end and they would light them and chase people around.  The fireworks were the equivalent of about the biggest sparkler you've ever seen.  And this stuff was definitely not safe.  I have a few burn marks that actually broke skin on my legs and feet and my EDC jacket is pretty ruined.  My backpack also has a bunch of pretty good burn holes all over. 


You can see me in my white hoodie and backpack towards the end of the video.  I was dancing with the Demons!

San juan 2

San juan 3 
San juan 4 
San juan 5 
San juan 6 



Palma de Mallorca: Day 8 - Ibiza! by Max Spadafore (summer 2011)

Name: Max Spadafore

Semester: Summer Internship 2011

School: Arizona State University

Wow, I am seriously behind.  So much to post! I'll start with Ibiza.  We planned to make a big group trip with the CIEE Palma de Mallorca group to Ibiza but everyone waited to long to buy tickets and whatnot and it ended up being just Natalia and I.  Turns out, it was probably for the best, since most people would have been having a heart attack the entire trip.  My phone ran out of minutes on the boat ride to Ibiza and Natalia was already waiting for me.  My boat was an hour late.  Natalia's phone ALSO ran out of minutes when she arrived in Ibiza.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster already, but the stars must have been aligned in our favor.  My boat being late gave Natalia enough time to recharge minutes on her phone and I was somehow able to at least receive calls.  I walked off the boat and bypassed the free bus.  Started walking in some random direction and less than 2 minutes later Natalia was yelling my name.  Perfect. 

Natalia had a map in hand and the first priority was to get to a beach as soon as possible.  Took us about an hour of meandering around before we came upon the perfect beach.  The water was bath temperature.  We swam around and tried to decide what to do for the next 9 hours before Pacha opened for the night.  We ran into some really sketch guy named Juan who talked to us for a good 2 hours on the beach.  Then we went shopping and ate some food before changing, hid my bag in a bush nearby Pacha, and started pre-gaming.  Pacha opened at midnight and we were some of the first people in the club.  Pacha is HUGE.  We met some random people throughout the night (including a cool couple from Lithuania), some gay Italian guy hit on me, and we ran into a bunch of Americans who were studying in Barcelona.

We left Pacha at about 5AM and decided to find a beach to go sleep on.  Turns out, the tide came up so high that the beach was virtually non-existent.  I walked up to a hostel on the boardwalk and asked if they had any availability.  He said they didn't but that we could sleep outside on the bed in the "cabana".  Its hard to explain but this video (at the end) gives you an idea of where we slept and what we woke up to the next morning.



CIEE Palma de Mallorca: Day 8 - Cabrera, by Max Spadafore (summer 2011)

Max spadaforeName: Max Spadafore

Semester: Summer Internship 2011

School: Arizona State University

Instead of going to class on Friday, we had an excursion with the program CIEE Palma de Mallorca to the island of Cabrera.  It's a protected environment that is virtually untouched.  Before we landed on the island, we stopped by "la cueva azul'.  It's basically a huge cave that has unbelievably clear water and marine life everywhere.  We parked the boat inside the cave and swam around.  It was too dark to get any good pictures of it, but I'm waiting to see if anyone from my group happened to get any pictures with nicer cameras.  Anyways, here's a few pictures from Cabrera. Enjoy :)

Cabrera 1 

Cabrera 2 

Cabrera 3 

Cabrera 4 





CIEE Palma de Mallorca: Day 7 - Back to Schooool, by Max Spadafore (summer 2011)

Max spadafore

Name: Max Spadafore

Semester: Summer Internship 2011

School: Arizona State University 

CIEE Palma de Mallorca class this week has been pretty awesome to say the least.  Rather than meet solely in the classroom to discuss tourism on the island, we make excursions to the places where the tourism is really taking place and witness it first hand.

One of our excursions with CIEE Palma de Mallorca program I found to be particularly interesting.  We had a business meeting with a firm whose goal is to give the entire city of Palma a "tourism makeover".  They want to remodel entire communities and put in a light rail system parallel to the beach similar to the one in Phoenix.

Everything is designed to be environmentally friendly including a ton of solar panels.  They're also making good use of the mining quarries (which they need for materials to build things) by creating sub-surface sports stadium as well as creating a huge park/garden in place of an old wash.  Here's a few pictures of our class excursions.

 Turismo 1

Turismo 2 

Turismo 3