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Thursdays in Palma, by Andrea Morgan, Feb 24 (Spring 2011)

Andrea 1

Name: Andea Morgan

Semester: Spring 2011

Program: Liberal Arts

School: Gustavus Adolfus College


are fun. It´s kind of like Friday, because there´re no classes tomorrow, but different in that there is no need to stay out until 6 am. Tonight was so much fun! I went with a few friends to a bar to listen to some live music -a guy in my program who has been here since August invited us, because his roommate was singing with a couple of his other friends. Now, the music was amazing, but first I need to tell the foolish story about what happened before any of the music. We planned to meet up and walk together to the bar, which we were told was in Plaza Mayor, one of our main meeting places. Our friend told us that the bar was called CuCu. We got to the Plaza and didn´t see it, and started asking some people where CuCu is. No one had ever heard of it. So, we asked a couple of people where bars were that play live music on Thursdays. We ended up walking around aimlessly for about twenty minutes, before I suggested returning to the Plaza and looking again. We got back and found the bar- a teeny tiny little place in the back corner of the Plaza (just saying, we would have found it way quicker if people had listened to me initially, because I had heard that it was IN the Plaza, but I digress). We hung out for awhile before any music started.

The bar was absolutely packed. The first picture I have posted below shows pretty much the entire space, but there were so many people in here! They had to move tables and chairs outside so people could fit.

Cucu 1
They sang for about an hour, American, Spanish, and some Portuguese songs as well.

Ok. Mind. Blown. This guy was absolutely incredible. He sang amazingly in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I can´t get over how good he was, although I have to say that I had high expectations, because Ray, his roommate, told us the other day that he was on Portugal´s version of "American Idol" a couple years ago, and he came in like fifth place. So a random Thursday night turned into an amazing experience-listening to great music sung by a Portuguese celebrity in a cramped, tiny bar. Life is good.

Cucu 2


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