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How the semester is going

Andrea and David are our “Guardian Angels”; Spanish students who collaborate with CIEE and do activities with CIEE students, many times becoming best friends. Among other activities, they went out to eat tapas, and shopping with the students.

Orientation hotel

This semester, we are offering for the first time the Seminar on Living and Learning in Palma de Mallorca, and almost all students signed up for the seminar. Since the group is small, the seminar will be a very important experience to discover ourselves and become more intercultural competent. All students are very excited to learn more about their own culture and Spanish culture, and afterwards start building bridges among both cultures.

Plaza mayor

All our students sign a Language Commitment in which they compromise to speak in Spanish all the time even among themselves. I have to say that this year the spring group is very serious about using Spanish, and we want to take this opportunity to congratulate them for their compromise. Some students have already one language (and cultural) partner to practice more Spanish outside the classroom.

Group dinner
Two students are doing an internship this semester. Kristen works with Grupo Flash, an agency which organizes parties and fashion shows. And Joanna is taking the challenge to teach English in the elementary school of San Vicente de Paul.

Paisaje mallorca

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