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Learning about Spanish and Mallorcan culture - Spring 2012 in Palma de Mallorca with CIEE

Our students visited a local elementary school and did activities with the children. US students talked about their culture and local students brought food, danced for us, and explained with passion their Mallorcan traditions.

Activity in a school in palma

Activity in a school in palma 2

Guided tour historic palma
With professor Vives, we visited the least known corners of Palma.

Carnival in Palma

Students showing local culture 2
Children in local school were very happy to have us visit their class

  Students showing local culture

We did a bike excursion along the coast of Palma with our Guardian Angel, David. Sorry, I have no pictures yet! We also visited Miró’s museum. Students participated in a Photo Marathon and took pictures of many historical places around Palma for Spanish language class.

This weekend we are going to the Gothic Castle Bellver of Palma, also to a concert, and to Valldemossa. I hope you enjoyed our adventures… We promise more stories and pictures in our third newsletter! 

Excursion con la familia 2012 027
Mallorcan house in the mountains (thanks Kristen!)

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