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2 posts from May 2014


Study abroad with CIEE? YES! by Christa Cech, Spring 2014 in Palma de Mallorca

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Christa Cech

Colorado State University

Spring 2014


For the past 8 months I have had the pleasure of living in the fabulous city of Palma de Mallorca while having an excellent study abroad experience that fulfills my degree requirements and has helped me grow as a person.  Palma de Mallorca was recently voted the 2nd best city to live in the world! And for good reason.  Not only is it beautiful, inviting, international, and culturally rich, it offers a little bit of everything, is big enough to have that city feel, and small enough to feel like a town with an embracing community.

I have met amazing people here, from the other American students, to local Spaniards, and folks from Europe, far and wide.  Our studies together in the enriching CIEE program classes are the best there is-small in size with lots of personal attention and support from the professors.  The resident staff is simply amazing, constantly working to make our experience fulfilling and show us the culture and the landscape from a localĀ“s point of view.  In addition to having great support from our directors, the home stay has also provided a wonderful way to live and learn, while being immersed into the local way of life.  We have traveled, eaten, and studied our way through the experience, and it has been absolutely magnificent and life changing in the best of ways!


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Reflection, by Karlissa Skarb, Spring 2014 at CIEE Palma de Mallorca


Karlissa Skarb

University of Iowa

Spring 2014      



During my time in Palma, not only did I enjoy the welcoming people that Mallorca has to offer, but I also had a lifetime opportunity to learn about a culture that I could not have done otherwise without studying in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The island of Mallorca is an incredible, breathtaking island that I find as my favorite place in Spain. I have traveled throughout Europe while studying here for five months, and I can honestly say Mallorca is ranked number one on my list to travel to. I adored my program directors, for they were there to assist the students throughout our whole time abroad. I felt so secure with them and I knew that when I had a problem or needed to talk, the directors and my classmates were there to better my situation. Although classes were difficult, I have learned so much more than finishing my homework on time. I learned the Spanish way of life and how they go about their days as students, words and phrases in Spanish and gradually becoming more fluent in the language, as well as how important life is and to really spend your time as for it may be your last. In the beginning, I was really homesick while being abroad. I felt very overwhelmed by the host university because it was all in Spanish and I was not at the Spanish students' level of understanding. However, the teachers for my classes could not have been anymore helpful than they were. I truly appreciate their time and commitment to teaching CIEE students, for I know I will hold these memories for the rest of my life.

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