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CIEE Students Integrating into Palma de Mallorca's Local Community and Lyfestyle, Spring 2014

Palma is a small enough community for our students to really integrate in the community life of the city, and participate individually or in groups in local events.

Several CIEE students joined an event in an elementary school named “English Day”, and devoted their morning to teach English to children with passion and dedication. They ended the morning event singing in a karaoke competition in front of all the school. And in the end they received a diploma by the Director of the school. This public school was very thankful to CIEE and our students for this voluntary work.






Also, some students volunteered to do presentations in English about American culture at the University of the Balearic Islands, for students who are learning English.

Many of our students love hiking in the beautiful mountains of Mallorca and have completed the different series of trails along Sierra de Tramuntana, World Heritage Site for its natural and historical landmarks.

Another example of individual commitment to joining Palma events is Michelle, who run for the marathon of Palma, as you can see in the picture bellow.


And our adventurous student Alex participated in a popular local event in a little own of Mallorca, Es Firó. During this festival, the inhabitants of Sóller re-enact the invasion of the Turkish and Algerian fleets of pirates and their successful defeat. Held with great passion, this colorful and realistic festival celebrates Sollerics’ cultural heritage while they dress up as both the invaders and the locals, in traditional costumes of the period (1561). You can see Alex bellow being “kidnapped” by the “enemy”, and more pictures she kindly shared with us.






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