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Fall 2014: Mediterranean Cooking with Chef Alan Norte Leeks

This Friday we spent an afternoon cooking delicious Mediterranean and Mallorcan Dishes. This is what we cooked... and ate!


Grupo antes de cocinar

Before we cooked, we learnt a little bit about the ingredients and recipes


Then we started to cook, hands on cooking!




This is what we cooked...

Gamba con mango

Gambas con mango y rúcola

Llampuga con verduras al horno

Llampuga (Mallorcan Fish) with Vegetables in the Oven

Crema de calabaza con aceite de sobrasada

Crema de calabaza con aceite de sobrasada


Cordero con espárragos

And for dessert, Pudding de Ensaïmadas con mermelada de naranja

And of course, we got to eat what we cooked, with a nice Mallorcan wine


Alan, thanks for a great class and a wonderful meal in the best company!



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