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A Royal Thanksgiving for CIEE Palma de Mallorca: Queen Letizia shaking hands with CIEE staff

Today the Queen of Spain Doña Letizia visited the local University in Palma de Mallorca (UIB), in order to inaugurate the 17th National Congress of Voluntary Work and to award prizes to the non-profit organizations who have contributed with their work to a better world.

Cartel congreso

This three-day solidary event happens to meet inside Arxiduc, the building of the Faculties of Tourism and Hospitality at the Universitat de les Illes Balears, where the CIEE office is located.


CIEE staff and some of the CIEE students were able to see the Queen as this was a normal day for us, with classes and even a Thanksgiving celebration. The anecdote of the day is that one of the university students screamed at the Queen as she was passing by: “Letizia, qué guapa” (“Letizia, how beautiful”). So Doña Letizia turned back and came towards this student and decided to shake hands with two people, who happened to be Antonia and Susan, RD and RC of the CIEE program in Palma de Mallorca. The student who complimented the Queen with a “piropo” got a selfie with her. And after this encounter she went into the building for the inauguration. So we can say that the Queen of Spain Doña Letizia shaked hands with CIEE Palma staff.



Ciee students and staff

After the excitement of meeting the Monarchy, we celebrated Thanksgiving US tradition with CIEE students eating a piece of pumking pie, a glass of a nice Spanish cava, and thanking for our lives in beautiful Mallorca!!! A very Royal Thanksgiving day for CIEE students!



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