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CIEE Palma de Mallorca: Spring 2015 About CIEE Field Class Study Visits

These series of posts come from currently onsite students’ blogs. Listen to what they have to say about field study visits done with CIEE classes.




At the end of this month, I visited two different markets. The first one was Mercado Pere Garau. This one was a local market in which they have local farmers (from all the small towns in Mallorca) come in and sell their fruits, vegetables, meats, seafoods, fishes, flowers, and even clothes! What intrigued me about this market was seeing live snails for sale in a bucket. They were so big too…


On Sunday, I went to a Medieval Market. This market was only there for this weekend to celebrate El Día de Las Baleares dedicated to all the 4 Balearic Islands including Palma de Mallorca.


There were a lot of “tiendas” (stands) of sausage and cheese from all around Spain, and local merchandises such as caramel almonds, jewelries, candies, candle holders, natural soaps, etc.


The best part of this was that I got free samples of sausages and cheeses!


Also, I had an Ebora Mediterráneo (a gold ale beer made in Spain) to go with my food. It was really refreshing. At the end of the day, I was able to appreciate all the local performances and shows!





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