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Newsletter I, CIEE Palma de Mallorca, Summer 2015 Session I

Imagen1This is our newsletter about Summer Session I 2015 in Palma de Mallorca. During this session, our students can study the following topics:

  • Beginning Spanish
  • Spanish for Business and Tourism: An introduction to Tourism in Mallorca
  • Mediterranean Marine Environment
  • Mediterranean Cuisine in Spain: Cooking and Wine Tasting


Imagen2During the orientation our students learnt about the history and culture of Palma, as well as the Mediterranean gastronomy, Spanish customs and the basics to move around the city as Spaniards. They were also explained about the activities (excursions, field visits…) they were going to take during their Session in Palma.

Also, during the orientation each student was told about their host families, so their first impression was not so shocking.

Our students could even see which other students live by their surroundings through a map we made up for them so they could be more connected, something they really appreciated.

IMG_5887 (2)Courtney meeting her host family


All our summer classes have a hands-on component and put students in contact with relevant local examples related to the content of each particular subject. Imagen3

- Field Trip to Dragonera Island: Our marine students started their second week in Mallorca going to Dragonera. In this activity they visited a Natural Park  and identified the human impacts on the coast.  They also studied the diversity of flora and fauna and its management, as well as analyzing the different species and the fund management.

Imagen4- Mercado Pedro Garau:  Our cooking students during their second week in Palma also had the chance to see first-hand typical products of Mallorca at one of the most emblematic markets of Palma: Pedro Garau. During this session they discovered the most common products used in the Mediterranean cuisine, such as “snails” a typical Spanish dish they did not expect at all.

Imagen5- Field Visit to Natural Sciene Museum, Sóller: during this visit  our Marine students went to the Balearic museum of natural sciences, where they studied the living foraminifera collection and also  had the chance to dissect fishes.

Imagen6- Bellver Castle: Our language students visited the Bellver Castle last week, where they had to practise their language skills. Among the linguistic activities organised for them during the excursion one of them consisted on searching for clues in order to find a treasure. They really enjoyed the activity as well as the views of the city of Palma from the top of the castle.      Imagen7

Natalia showing her cooking skills

- Cooking: first day of practicum: Our cooking students had on Tuesday their first practical session, during which they learned to cook gazpacho, tortilla de patata and gató of almonds with vanilla ice cream. In further classes they’ll also learn other Spanish recipes such as paella, sangria, tapas and many others. This class includes 15 hours of practical lessons, plus the theoretical ones. 

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