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CIEE Palma de Mallorca. Newsletter III. Fall 2015

Greetings from Antonia Ferriol, RD of CIEE Palma de Mallorca!


This is a picture of our group biking along the coast of Palma with our Guardian Angels, Spanish students who collaborate with us.

There are only 20 days left of the program, and students start getting nervous about classes and farewells.

On our side, we are also getting ready for Internship final presentations, exams and grades, the reentry workshop, and of course our farewell lunch.

Palma views long

This is Palma: the city where your student studies and lives this semester

We have been busy with classes, outings related to classes, group meetings, excursions, independent travel, and all the many events happening daily in the lively city of Palma. Students are completely adapted to living in Palma, so much that they teach us constantly things about the city we did not know, like new interesting stores, and curious events happening around.

Let me share with you some pictures about the field study trips we did with our classes. For example, with the class “Sustainable Tourism”, we visited TIRME, the recycling company; LOGITRAVEL (one of the major online travel agencies in Spain); and BG HOTELS (a hotel chain in Arenal beach).

  CIEE Sustainable Tourism - Mallorca Technology Park 04   CIEE Sustainable Tourism - Logitravel 20151016_173201
  CIEE Sustainable Tourism - Mallorca Technology Park 05   CIEE Sustainable Tourism - Hotel Caballero 20151005_110405

With the class “Mediterranean Cooking and Wine Tasting”, we visited the cellar and vineyards of Macià Batle wine, as well as we visited the main farmers market in Palma, where vegetables, fish, meat, clothing, and livestock animals are sold. We also learnt to cook many different Mediterranean recipes in five sessions which were three hours long each, so with intensive hands-on cooking.



The three students undertaking internships this semester at The Hotel Factory, Hoteles Saint Mitchel, and Hotel Caballero offices are performing marketing, social media, sales, human resources, and finance controller tasks; and they say they are enjoying their experience and learning a lot. We can not wait for when they will do their final presentation and share with us their experience.

And on the side of academics, we have been doing a lot. Bellow you can see pictures of some of the activities we have been doing since our last newsletter:


Christmas lighting


Arab Baths and Santa Clara Cloister


Miró Museum


Watching three Movies

Valle de soller

Hiking in Tramuntana Mountains


Language Photomarathon

Visit CIEE Palma de Mallorca:







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