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1 posts from February 2016


"It's been two weeks" by Erinn Rogowski: CIEE Palma de Mallorca Spring 2016

Erinn Rogowski sp 16 LA

Name: Erinn Rogowski

University: University of Iowa

 Hello friends and family. I am a little late to the game on this whole blogging thing. I have decided to start one in order to remember my amazing experiences, and for others to follow me whenever they feel like it.

I arrived in Palma about two weeks ago now. What I have been up to since then:

Enjoying the best food I have ever had in my entire life

Meeting a BOATLOAD of new people – some from the states, some from Mexico or South America, others from Europe and Asia. I even met a nice bar owner from New Zealand

Drinking my weight in café con leche

And vino (lol jk dad…)

Exploring La Trapa on a very difficult but unforgettable hike with the Erasmus (European international students)

Walking 365 steps to Castillo Bellver–named for its beautiful views.

Enjoying the famous siesta

Experiencing night life in Palma–las discotecas (;

Of course: Tapas Tapas Tapas!

Visiting beaches that stretch for miles

Attempting, and failing miserably, to speak Spanish

Learning more than I could ever imagine

From this list it’s obvious that my life in Palma so far has been nothing but a dream. The weather so far has been pretty amazing too, with everyday around 63 degrees and almost every day filled with sun.

I plan on writing more frequently so I can actually explain these amazing places, rather than just stating what I’ve done. I have so much excitement for the next four months, and I fear that I may never want to leave this wonderful Island.

XOXO-Gossip Girl

HA just kidding, but I haven’t come up with my own closing yet.