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''San Sebastián: the rainiest place in the world'' By Emily Williams : CIEE Palma de Mallorca 2016

: Emily Williams

University : University of Massachusetts Amherst

rain. rain. rain.

This past weekend (after only 48 hours in Palma) we hopped on another plane and flew to Bilbao in the North of Spain. From there, we took a bus about an hour and a half to San Sebastian, Spain. The drive was along a gorgeous countryside complete with sheep, mountains, and little villages.As we made our way to San Sebastian I look out the window realizing that it is my first time in mainland Spain, so I am taking in the view. When we get there, we settle into the most quaint little hostel you will ever find called A Room in the City. They conveniently have umbrellas stocked by the door because little did we know it was going to rain for the next 36 hours. After settling in, we ventured out into this new and exciting city. The wind and the rain were unreal and after just a couple minutes we were soaked. We had to ditch the plan that Antonia had made for us because the weather was just awful. Instead, we went to the San Telmo Museo to learn about the Basque Country and look at Basque art. After the museum, we were free to explore the tapas area. I had tortilla de patata with spinach and some surprise items and a piece of bacalao (cod) with peppers and onions. Both were delicious but not as delicious as the one euro wine at Atari my friends and I drank all night long (well until we crashed at midnight haha yeah we’re lame)

The next morning, we started the day early at a cute little cafe with coffee and pastries. Then, we went on a walking tour of the city (umbrellas in hand) with a bilingual tour guide. She did a good job of explaining the city and some traditions to us as she showed us the beautiful (wet) city. We stopped for lunch in what seemed to be an Irish bar and got hamburgers (how American!) but they were so good. After warming up, we ventured back out to see the coastline (Paseo Nuevo), sculptures by Jorge Oteiza, and hike up a little hill to Castillo de la Mota for views of the city. Paseo Nuevo was really cool because the ferocious waves would come up higher than the wall and spray everywhere. Also, hiking up to Castillo de la Mota was cool, it was slippery rocks the whole way up to some pretty breathtaking views of the entire city and coastline. We also walked along the coast and saw the beach, surfers (who must have been crazy to be willing to surf in that water), and the sunshine (for 2 whole minutes). Honestly, I was pretty miserable and I wanted nothing more than a hot cup of tea and to warm up in bed after a full day in the cold and rain. After a siesta, we were ready to go get some mussels. The place that was recommended to us by Antonia was incredible. It was a counter service type place that only had mussels and calamari on the menu. You got a bucket of bread when you ordered your plate to sop up all of the leftover sauce and juices. I had only had one mussel before in my life, but this was a life-changing meal for sure. Then, of course some cervasas y vino before heading back to the hostel for the night.

The next day, it was back to Palma! I had such an amazing trip and did I mention that the sun was only shining for a total of 10 minutes the whole weekend. Now for a week filled of classes and internship learning!


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