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'' Palabras y Comida'' By Katelyn Noyes : CIEE Palma de Mallorca, Spring 2016


Name : Katelyn Noyes

University : University of Massachusetts Amherst

Good Morning people! I have been so so busy & to be honest I'm not a huge fan of writing so these posts are gonna be pretty sporadic (that's a word right? spell check's telling me it's not..weird). But anyways here we go:
I have been learning so many new words here its great. I talk for hours over dinner with my madre and she tells me a bunch of words, mainly vegetables since thats basically all she makes here (which is the absolute best) and there's some random words here and there that come up in conversation. If you're curious, the list is below! I need to be able to look back and remember all of them too. About the food though, she makes the most incredibly delicious food for every meal. I've been keeping a list of all the different meals so that I can recreate them when I get home. That list is below too, feel free to ask me how to make any of them! She doesn't use many ingredients or spices but somehow the food turns out absolutely delicious. She used a lit of olive oil, classic Mediterranean move, but it makes the food taste soo good. 
There's a bunch of pictures too, we've been constantly busy over the past couple weeks but busy in the best way possible. A couple things we've done (w/ photos below):
-Biking Excursion; we biked along the coast for a couple hours and stopped by a couple beaches along the way. One of the girls fell over the bike and broke her palm so that was super unfortunate, but she's getting better! We're gonna rent bikes more often (& vespas too) since that was wicked fun. 
-Carnival; they celebrate this holiday in February and its basically like Halloween but everyone was wearing animal costumes... the put on a huge parade through the streets and it was cool but kinda odd at the same time.
-Ruta Maritima (Tapas Tuesday); we go out every Tuesday night for tapas & drinks here. It feels like the whole city goes out since its so busy at a bunch of the tapas bars. Tuesday's and Saturday's are big here, but every other day the streets are basically empty and only a couple of the bars are full.
-Playa Illetes; we took a bus to the other side of the island to go to a beach in a little cove and it was super cool. We walked around and found garden paths with incredible views. We stopped at a oceanfront cafe and had pina coladas and fruit and such, and got hit by the massive waves a couple times haha
-Mercados (Markets); theres a bunch of markets here (think local farmstands where you can buy fruits, vegetables, cheese, meats, etc.) and we toured one of them with our cooking class. You can get literally anything at these places and its all super cheap. We got a kilo of strawberries for 1 euro! There were even live animals on one side in case you felt the need to buy a chicken or rabbit that day. Theres another market close to my house where we get sushi <3
-Tortilla de Patata; my madre taught me how to make this and I'm in love with it. It's one of my favorite foods here and you can eat it literally anytime of the day. You bake potatoes so they soften, in the meantime sauté onions then add eggs to the pan, then add the potatoes, then you're done! Its kinda like a round quiche but with no breading. You can eat it solo or you can add pimientos or have it on bread and oh my goodness its so delicious. 
-Valldemossa; this adorable little town is in the north of Mallorca. Imagine a quaint little village with tan stone houses, green shutters, and flower pots on the walls. We walked through the cobblestone streets for a couple hours and went to a car on the top of the hill with 360 views of the town. Its situated in a valley so you can see huge mountains all around. We snuck into the museum and I got pictures with some lemon trees wearing my lemon scarf (thanks for that mom). We also met a bunch of older couples that had arrived for the day from a cruise ship. The ones we met were from Philadelphia, New York, and DC, and they were so chatty and friendly. One woman said "oh you're here to study Spanish? That's so great, were leaning a little Spanish too! Frank, what words did we learn today? Oh, HOLA (fully pronounced the H, classic american) and BIEN." She was so proud haha it was the cutest thing. Such a lovely place.
-Kebabs; we eat kebabs here pretty much every weekend from this one place on the coast that has wicked good kabobs. Not your typical kabob on a stick though.. picture a turkish burrito kinda. Its a tortilla filled with pollo (that they shave off the rotating stick thing) then he adds this wicked good garlic mayo sauce and something spicy, then lettuce, corn, tomatoes, onions, and its a masterpiece. We're regulars there now haha and we all chat overtime we go. We FaceTimed with his brother the last time we went haha he was like "these people are always here!" it was shameful/awesome at the same time.
-Museo del Catedral; this museum was gorgeous. It's the Alhambra of Mallorca, and its the inside of the huge cathedral/castle on the coast of Palma. There are countless rooms that are all filled with beautiful paintings and rugs and dressers and such, and theres a massive courtyard with incredible views. After that we climbed the Palma sign (struggles to climb that one) and got pizza and pina coladas and mojitos at the cute little restaurant, Enco. Later we got gelato in the shape of a flower. Heavenly.
-Hotel Java; I started my internship today! I'm working at this hotel on the coast of Mallorca as a Front Desk Receptionist! Today they told me all about the hotel and gave me a tour (all in spanish eep but I can understand everything and communicate with them so it's going well!) So after a couple of hours the lady that was training me left for a bit so I was at the Front Desk solo for a little while aaand that was slightly traumatic. All the guests that came were like "do you speak german?" "do you speak french?" & the ones that did speak spanish had such a strong accent so that was just as much of a struggle. I did understand and help a couple people though so that was good (progress wooop!). Then when i was leaving I was standing at the bus stop and a lady asked me in spanish which bus she should take if she wants to get to the center and I explained it and we have a mini convo relatively fluently and it made my day (: Day 2 tomorrow, maybe I'll learn a little german/french this time haha

Thats about all for now! Here are the lists of words and food:
alcachofas  artichokes
espinaca  spinach
zanahoria  carrot
calabacin zucchini 
colroja cabbage
espina  bones
gracioso  funny person
listo  ready/inteligente
lista  list of things 
vuelvo come back
berehena eggplant
sano Es un cosa de salud
huele bien/ a que huele smell
holer to smell
champiñon   mushroom
picante  spicy
postre  dessert
sopa soup
llena full, es enformal
empresa business 
nos encontramos  we met up with 
tormenta storm
humedo y seco, wet and dry
limpio y sucio, dirty and clean
*desayuno, almuerzo (opcional y pequeño), comida, medienda (opcional) y cena y resopon (midnight snack)
me gustaría tomar  I would like
me pone un café
yo tomaré
ayyy amante  hola
tengo agujetas  I am sore 
chancletas  sandals
afuera outside
puerro leek
no me acuerdo
no acordarse
mis tacones my heels
Clan destino restaurants en las montanas
asi esta bien (cafe) esta bien asi (it's good like this (like a plate of food or a dish))

*squash/pumpkin soup w/almonds, veggie quiche
*rice and veggie balls with roasted onions and pepper
*broccoli/veggie soup 
*hamburger with roasted eggplant, mushrooms, and zucchini 
*fish with carrots, artichokes, and mushrooms
*Lasagna Layers 1-5
(1)spinach y onions y garlic
(2) peppers, beef, garlic, tomato sauce, bechamel sauce 
(3) pasta
(4) tomato sauce, bechamel,
(5) cheese Gouda 
*un plato de lentejas con verdura (lentil soup)
*steak with potatoes carrots green beans
*ham and cheese quiche
*white fish with baked fries and veggies
*stir fry with chicken broth noodle soup 

*egg over easy, ham & cheese, bread, fruit
*egg with mushrooms
*english muffin, mallorcan sausage spread, egg over easy, fresh squeezed OJ, pomegranate, fresas

*salmon, broccoli, quinoa, peppers (roasted, from northern Spain), queso, pan
*sandwiches of jamon y tomato aaand avocado, tomato, lettuce, mayo, balsamic, also brownie clementines and cafe
*wide pasta with vodka sauce and shrimp and mussels
*chicken with sautéed spinach and chick peas
*sautéed spinach, oil, leek, onions, ajo fresco, spinach, in poco crema

*piña y strawberries in a sauce made from jalapeños and brown sugar <3
*almond lemon cake
*brownie walnut cake
*tiramisu to go cups
*fruit tiramisu sin cafe, solo cocoa on top with fruit, sponge cake soaked in lemon mandarin orange juice


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