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''Formentor'' By Sara Prust: Ciee Palma de Mallorca, Spring 2016


Name: Sara Prust

University: University of Purdue



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I am so in love with this beautiful island!!! You never run out of places to explore. We visited Formentor, the northern most part of the island, and it was incredible!

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Cap de Formentor

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Sara, Emily and Kat

The day we visited, it was very cloudy and rainy but as we say here in Spain ‘Hay que aprovechar!’, it essentially means to seize the day. We climbed the stairs built along the cap de Formentor to get the best views. It wasn’t really raining at this point but very foggy. We were literally in a cloud!



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Fun fact: That “little rock” at the end of the peninsula used to be on top of the tip but has since fallen off to create a tiny island.

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My friends and I had been taking in the view and snapping some pics when I asked someone to take a picture of me. I turned around to get ready and the cloud had completely encompassed us. What should be behind me is the picture above this one of the large peninsula and cove but in seconds the fog covered it all.

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Because of the rain, we also got to see some slugs!!! They are cute little creatures.

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After climbing to the cap we ventured down to Playa de Formentor. This is a long, thin beach that stretches more or less the entire length of the coves interior. Gorgeous even in the clouds and rain. Formentor is very preserved and protected. There is only one hotel and it is very concealed, purposefully placed as to not disrupt the beauty.

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The cove

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The beautiful Med

We were the only ones on the beach which was really cool!

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Can’t wait to come back in the sunshine!!!

Besos, Señorita Sara

Visit CIEE Palma de Mallorca:







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Hey Sara! I am studying abroad next spring and am having trouble deciding on a city! I was wondering if I could like email/ FB message you or something so you could answer some questions for me?

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