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''SUNNY SOLLER'' BY KATRHYN MALONEY : CIEE Palma de Mallorca Spring 2016

Entrada 11

Name : Kathryn Maloney

University : Providence College

Nikki came to visit this past week and we went on a two day overnight hike to Cala Deia and Soller, which were seriously two of the most beautiful and breathtaking places I’ve ever been in my life. We started off on the hike to Cala Deia with the rest of my abroad group by taking a bus there to our hostel. We had a cute little hostel in the middle of the town, which was adorable, and hiked around there for a while. As we began our hike, we saw a bunch a sheep and lamb up on the mountains that were seriously SO adorable. I actually got on video a mom sheep and her two lambs climbing up these rocks and one of the lambs was so tiny that it didn’t make it up. However, the mom didn’t realize and kept on walking and the baby lamb started freaking out and screaming all over for its mom. Then, it finally got up the big rock but when it got to the path to go find it’s mom, it saw us standing there and started freaking out even more and began to run the wrong way! So we were trying to help it by standing in the way of the path so it would be forced to turn around and go the right way but it just kept screaming and bahhhh-ing! Finally, it saw it’s mom and I got the whole thing on video when they reunited it was the cutest thing ever. But anyways, moving on, we got to Cala Deia cove which was essentially a cove surrounded by mountains and a tiny beach. It was so cool because all the waves kept hitting the rocks and crashing all over the place. I don’t even know how to describe the beauty of it so I’ll just post pictures at the bottom of this post. After taking about a hundred pictures, we hiked back up the mountain and decided to grab something to eat. We ended up going to a Chinese place, random I know, but it was soooo good. After that, we headed back to the hostel and hung out with our friends playing a bunch of card games and “left, right, center” which was a ton of fun. After that, we decided to hit the hay because we had a six hour hike the next day to Soller.

In the morning we woke up at 7am, probably the earliest I’ve gotten up in a very long time, and began the hike early. It was amazingly beautiful but actually quite hard! I found myself having to even take a break to catch my breath for a second because we were seriously going straight up at one point. But the hike was so cool because it reminded me a lot of the Adirondacks with all the trees and things like that. It was definitely not the typical Mallorca that you’d normally think of. Then we finally got to the top and the view was incredible. We only ended up staying there for about 15 minutes though because we needed to hike back down so we could see the Port of Soller before having to catch the bus back. Half way back down the mountain we stopped for lunch and sat on the ledge of a mountain overlooking the entire Port of Soller. It was the most amazing view I think I’d ever seen. The water was just so blue and the mountain surrounding the cove went as high as the clouds. Eventually, we walked all the way down to the beach area where Nikki and I collected a ton of sea glass, like I’m talking about 60 pieces, and just hung out in the sun. The air was so warm it was amazing and we even got to have some Sangria! Then we ended up taking the 4pm bus home, which was great because it gave Nikki and I a lot of time to explore Palma and we got to go to the beach there and see the Cathedral at sunset, which was gorgeous.

After the hike that weekend and even just walking around Palma and showing Nikki all of the cool things it has to offer, it made me realize just how lucky I am to be here. Mallorca is seriously one of the most beautiful places in the world.




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