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4 posts from November 2017


Mediterranean Cuisine class. Palma de Mallorca

The class Mediterranean Cuisine organized an oil tasting, and this past Tuesday students learned to cook with this and other Mediterranean ingredients with chef Toni Caldentey.

Clase de cocina



Field visits in Palma de Mallorca. The Cathedral

And of course, we have visited the Cathedral. Palma Cathedral is known as the Cathedral of Light because the Mediterranean light goes through its 87 stained glass windows and its 8 impressive rose windows, one of them the biggest of the Gothic world. It is also known as the Cathedral of Space, because it is said that with 43m height is the gothic cathedral which with less stone embraces more useful space.

And afterwards we went to Can Joan de S'Aigo, the oldest chocolateria in Mallorca, from the 1970s.






Another language class activity

With our language classes, we spent the afternoon at MirĂ³ Museum, doing interactive activities and practicing Spanish ... and Art!

Miro 1

Miro 2

Miro 3




Language class Activities

Let me share with you today one of our language class outings.

We went to see an impressive fortification of the 14th century, Bellver Castle, so important for our historical memory. This Gothic Mallorcan castle is the oldest in Europe with round shape. Not only we enjoy the beautiful landscape and natural environment, but we learn about our history and lots of vocabulary, with organized activities which require speaking Spanish all the time. And after the castle, we spent the afternoon at the beach.