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The semester goes on...

2010 Name: Antonia Ferriol

Resident Director

CIEE Palma de Mallorca, Spain


This spring 2011 semester, four Palma de Mallorca students have stayed with us from fall 2010. This means they are a great source of information for new spring students who arrived a month ago. They already know the best places to go out, the best beaches to sunbath, the way the university works, how is the daily life in Palma. And they have been very generous in helping new students in Palma.


All students are enrolled in at least one regular class with other Spanish students at the University (UIB). Most of the students are taking at least two of these courses. In these classes, our students not only learn about the academic contents of the class, but also about the Spanish university system, the academic culture in the classroom, the way a Spanish student relates with other students and the professor in the class.

Four of our students are enrolled in one class entitled “European Culture” at the School of Hospitality Management affiliated to the UIB. Because this is a smaller private institution with smaller groups, our students commented it is much easier to make Spanish friends, as the professor makes them work in groups always formed by only one American student. 

Another class that has become popular among CIEE students is “Viticulture and enology”. This is a biology course studying all aspects of wine and winemaking, including vine-growing and grape-harvesting. The class concludes with students making their own wine, and students learn to appreciate the art of this millenary tradition. In line with this, every year CIEE is invited to the annual presentation of Wines of Mallorca in five star hotel Valparaiso. This is an important local event where Mallorcan wineries present their best wines to the community. Politicians, hotel and restaurant managers, and professors attend this event. In the past years, Mallorcan wines have received important prizes, including Baccus.


Of course, after talking about wine, we need to mention Spanish food. In our CIEE II Group meeting a week ago we have done a short quiz about Mallorcan meals and desserts. It seems like our students are very knowledgeable about the delicacies Palma has to offer to its visitors. Brittany, Megan, Chelsea, Andrea, Jay, Jillian, Erica, Sasha, and Amy learnt how to cook paella, Spanish cuisine’s most international dish.


This year we have traveled to Granada. We visited The Alhambra, the Cathedral and Royal Chapel (where we literally saw the coffins of Isabel I and Fernando II Catholic Kings of Spain in the XV century and authors by their marriage of the unification of Spanish kingdoms Castilla and Leon. We also wandered in the old muslim neighbourhood of Albaicín and went to see a Flamenco show. One of our students performed an improvised flamenco-US dance!


La forma de vida en Palma de Mallorca - diferencias, por Jamie McDowell

Jamie McDowell foto

Name: Jamie McDowell

Semester: Fall 2010

Program: Liberal Arts

School: University of Colorado at Boulder



La comida española no es la única cosa que es muy diferente de los Estados Unidos.  Obviamente, es el estilo de vida aquí en España.  El estilo de vida es más lento, más relajado.  Cuando estás en un restaurante, el camarero no te trae la cuenta immediamente.  Cada día hay una siesta; todas las tiendas cierran por dos horas (de 14:00 a 16:00, más o menos) para tomar algo o comer.  Es interesante y una buen idea.


Por eso, comemos almuerzo un poco más tarde, cenamos más tarde en la noche, cerca de las ocho o las nueve.  He visto amigos que cenan a las once.  Es increíble para mí.  Me da igual porque la comida fue deliciosa.  Por el fin de semana, la fiesta empieza después de las once o las doce.  Mucho más tarde.  Es diferente en los Estados Unidos porque empezamos a las nueve o las diez.  Si vas a una discoteca, es posible que no vas a regresar a tu casa hasta las tres o las cuatro de la manana.  Y los domingos…TODO esta cerrado porque todo el mundo pasa tiempo con su familia o se está relajando.  Las dos son buenas ideas, pero a mí no me gustan los domingos.  Sin embargo, los cines están abiertos todos los días.  Por eso, me encantan  los cines.  Voy al cine cada domingo.  En general, este tipo de vida es mejor para la mente.  Cuando vives más relajado, tú puedes sentirte descansado siempre.