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Palma de Mallorca: Day 3 - King in dee Castle!, by Max Spadafore (Summer 2011)

Max spadafore 

Name: Max Spadafore

Semester: Summer Internship 2011


School: Arizona State University

So today could have started off a little bit better.  I got lost on the way to the university and ended up being 9 minutes late to the CIEE class.  Go figure.  Class was from 12-3 and afterwards the group met up to take a bus to the Castillo de Bellver.  Its the only castle in all of Europe thats circular. It also happens to be sitting on top of a giant hill which provides for another pretty spectacular view.


After visiting the Castle in Palma de Mallorca, I came home for dinner con mi madre.  Our conversations are getting better and there were a lot less awkward silences today than ones before. I'm starting to get used to speaking Spanish a lot more often. During dinner we watched the news. It's been raining on and off today, but on mainland Spain it's been torrential. They showed footage of some pretty crazy flooding going on in Madrid and Sevilla. Sweet. Here are a few videos of Castillo de Bellver.